Trophy Club Man Wins $5 Million Playing The LotteryThe man just got a whole lot richer! WOW!
Katie Couric Takes A $1 Million Pay Cut To Save Other Peoples Jobs!We love Katie Couric for doing this! Finally someone caring for other people!
Olympic Winners Score Some Major Cash With Their Medals!Why do other countries pay there Olympic athletes way more than we do?
Every Person That Wins A Medal At The Olympics Gets Taxed!This is crazy! Why are they getting taxed?
Dallas Area Jeweler's Act Of Kindness Has Gone Viral! This Is So Sweet!What an amazing story!
Dallas Finally Increasing Police Officer PayAs rising property values and sales taxes are expected to bring in an additional $60 million for the city, City Manager A.C. Gonzalez has announced plans to increase the pay of local police officers and first responders.
Tax Free Weekend Is THIS WEEKEND! Here Are Some Tips To Help You Score The Best Deals.Back to School is drawing nearer, and this weekend, August 5th to August 7th, is Texas' Sales Tax Holiday.
Do You Know Which Celebrities Make The Most Money On Social Media?We didn't expect this!
11 Surprising Jobs That Pay Over $100,000Let's be real, aren't we all looking for a job that pays over $100,000? Ok, maybe we aren't actively looking, but we wish we were making bank like that!
Millions Of Dollars Found Stashed In Buckets At Miami HomeIn a hidden room the police found 24 five-gallon buckets with millions of dollars in them.
You Need To Stop Throwing Away These 5 Items And Start Selling Them
Amber Heard Now Has A $20 Million Reason To Smile!They were only married for 15 months and she is going to walk away with $20 million, and possibly more.

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