Watch Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Play A Round Of 'Friends' TriviaJust hearing Phoebe (ahem, Lisa Kudrow) yell, "SMELLY CAT!" is worth the watch!
Backstreet's Back: The Backstreet Boys Are Taking-Up Residency In Las Vegas, Alright!Is one of your 2017 New Year's Resolutions to go and see these guys?
Netflix: Here's All The New Stuff Coming In OctoberSeptember has been awesome...but Netflix is upping the ante in October!
VIDEO: Justin Bieber Attacked In ClubDon't worry. A really cute girl in a German beer wench outfit saved him.
Erin Brockovich: Deadly Chromium-6 Still Threatens Two-Thirds Of Americans' Drinking WaterA new report finds that 200 million people have been exposed to chromium-6.
Amateur Photographer Snaps One Of The Most Convincing Pictures Of The Loch Ness Monster EverIf this picture is real, it's pretty incredible.
Corey Feldman's 'Today' Show Performance And Interview Were Incredibly Odd (VIDEO)There's nothing we can say or do that will prepare you for this performance.
Pentatonix & Dolly Parton Singing "Jolene" Together Is EpicWOW...just...WOW.
How OCD Are You? Take The OCD Sensitivity Test!If you're staring at the picture and FREAKING OUT, you'll probably do well on this test!
Bill Murray Is Pulling A Couple Of Shifts At A Bar This WeekendMay we suggest "The Venkman" or "The Gopher" for drink names, Bill?
Video Of Waffle The Kenyan Sand Boa Playing With His New Toy Will Make Your DayWe're not kidding...this snake is freakin' adorable!
VIDEO: Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger Remembers The Heroic Miracle Landing In New InterviewThis is even more fascinating in the wake of this weekend's blockbuster movie "Sully".

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