Millennials Try A McDonald's Big Mac For The First Time: And It's HILARIOUS!Hard to believe, but not everyone has tried two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
Kanye West Wrote A Poem About McDonald's And You Will Love It!He feels the same way about McDonald's as we do! Never thought that would happen!
McDonald's Pull Fitness Trackers From Happy MealsThe tracker is part of the "Step-It" campaign to get kids moving by counting steps.
Olympic Athlete Has Himself A Table Size Meal From McDonald’s After Losing, See The Pic!It looks like a Big Mac does a body good.
McDonald's Opens "McDonald's Of The Future" And They Offer Unlimited Fries!This new concept looks amazing! And their fries are amazing!
2 More Restaurants Refused Service to Police; One in Texas - Employees Promptly Fired
You Can No Longer Watch Porn At Starbucks And McDonaldsMcDonalds and Starbucks are implementing new technology that will filter sites and not allow customers to use Wi-Fi that access pornography sites.
Starbucks And McDonald's Are Now Blocking Porn On Their WiFi NetworksOne word comes to mind: GOOD!
Dallas Child Wins Trip To 2016 Olympics In RioMcDonalds is giving eight children from all over the world the opportunity to attend this year's Summer Games in Rio, and one of the winners is a resident of Haltom City.
McDonald's (Finally!) Expands Its All Day Breakfast MenuAdmit it. You're a little excited.
A New Study Claims Chipotle Is Worse For You Than McDonalds!
Blind Man Sues McDonald's For Refusing To Serve Him At The Drive-ThruMcDonald's is in a bit of hot water, after refusing to serve a blind man who walked up to the drive-thru and wanted service during late night hours when only the drive-thru is open.

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