The Official Trailer For 'Gilmore Girls' Has Arrived And Here It IsWe can't wait to watch the Gilmore Girls reboot!
Usher And President Obama Got Down To "Hotline Bling" At The White House!This is awesome!!
Fort Worth Is Getting Their Own Up Scale Mall! The Northpark of Funky Town!Forth Worth is getting an amazing upscale shopping center!
A Breastfeeding Emoji Could Be Coming To Your Phone Soon!It's about time!
Man Sits Down In Denny's Doesn't Order Anything And Leaves Single Mom A $1,500 Tip!Such an amazing story! This guy changed the waitresses life!
Watch The Moment Granbury Police Officer Saves 3-Year-Old's Life!This little boy would have died if he didn't show up!
It's Spirit Day! Stand Up To Bullying Against The LGBTQ Community!Take a stand against bullying!
Here Are The Funniest Snapchats From Last Nights Debate!This makes watching the debate much easier!
Neiman Marcus's Christmas Catalog Is Out And You Can Buy A $1.5 Million Jet!We love to look at their Christmas catalog!
You Can Drink A Cocktail While You Shop At These Grocery Stores!We know exactly where we are buying our groceries now!
Demi Lovato Has Gone Platinum Blonde And We Love It!She looks like a totally different person!
Chrissy Teagen Poses Naked For Friends Birthday!Who has a birthday coming up? LOL

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