Move Over Pimple Popping Videos! Belly Button Secretion Videos Are Hot Right Now!This might be the grossest thing we have ever seen!
A Body Was Found In Lake Lewisville TodayPolice responded to a possible drowning on Lake Lewisville this morning!
Naked Swimmer Gets Hook Caught In His 'Manhood'OMG! Can you imagine how painful this was?
Ariana Grande Caught Lip-Locking With Another Rapper!Ariana Grande was busted making out with a new rapper!
A Compilation Of SNL Stars Breaking Character Is The Funniest Thing You Have Ever Seen!We couldn't make it through this video without laughing!
The TSA Wants You To Adopt The Dogs That Failed Training!This video is adorable!
Good Morning America Host Uses Racial Slur Live On The Air!Why did she think this was appropriate?
Uber Eats Is Officially Delivering In Fort Worth!This is great news if you live in Fort Worth!
You Can Stay The Night In An Awesome Tree House Just Outside Of Dallas!We are going to have to make a reservation here soon! This place looks awesome!
Drinking Champagne Everyday Could Help You From Getting Dementia!Even if it just helps a little bit, you can count us in on this!
Today Is NATIONAL RADIO DAY: Thank You For Making More Hits, Less Commercials 1037 Amazing!You make us ALL that we are...THANK YOU!
Dallas Woman Leaves Crocheted Pokemon Go Characters At Poke Stops And People Are Obsessed!People are obsessed with these crocheted Pokemon Go characters!

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