Here Is Your Dose Of Sass For August 29, 2016!Here is your Dose Of Sass for August 29th.
Taylor Swift Wasn't Avoiding Calvin Harris At The VMA's She Had Jury Duty!This is hilarious! The other jurors freaked out!
Reality Star Darrell Ward Dies After Leaving Dallas Show!This breaks our hearts! So sad!
Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Will Be At Dallas Comic Con Fan Days!Meeting her in person would be awesome!
Anthony Weiner's Wife Announces Their Separation Amid Second Sexting ScandalHuma Abedin, wife of former Representative Anthony Weiner, has issued a statement regarding their marriage.
Report: Mick Jagger to Pay $15K Per Month Child Support for Upcoming BabyYou may have heard that Mick Jagger is going to be a dad again -- and while he won't be raising his eighth child, the single mother should have no financial troubles.
MCA Wanted To Change The Title Of Back To The Future To Space Man From PlutoBack to the Future is one of the greatest movies of all time. It's hard to imagine the film any other way than what we saw in theaters. However, MCA had different ideas for the movie.
Blue Ivy Wasn't Impressed With The VMAs White CarpetYeah, yeah, yeah, most people are talking about Beyonce's sixteen minute VMAs performance, but Blue Ivy stole the white carpet last night!
Britney Spears Wants To Do A Song With Justin Timberlake!Can you imagine if they got back together for a song? This would be awesome!
Justin Bieber Has Returned To Instagram!Here is what his latest post is.
Local High School Football Teams Dance Video Is Going Viral!This is awesome!
Watch Cleveland's Second Baseman Jokingly Square-Off with Ranger Rougned OdorToo funny!! The Cleveland Indians are in town and last night their second baseman Jason Kipnis tagged out a speeding Rougned Odor -- then threw to first for a double play. As Odor got up, Kipnis pretended he was ready to fight.

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