Here Is Everything Coming And Going From Netflix For September!Here is everything coming and going from Netflix for September!
Texas Teacher Defends Her No-Homework Policy And We Love It!Why are people upset with this teacher when she wants families to enjoy each other?
Shawn Mendes Says Being A Celebrity Makes Having Sex 'Impossible'Poor guy! Being famous is hard sometimes!
People Are Really Upset That Chick-Fil-A Is Changing Their Menu!Not going to lie, we aren't happy about this either!
Orlando Hospital Isn't Charging Any Of The Pulse Night Club Victims!Such a great story!
New Study Shows 3-Day Work Week Is Most Productive For EmployeesWe can get on board with this!
This Baby Is The Queen Of Dress Up While She Naps!Her mom dresses her up while she naps and it's adorable!
You Can Turn Old Ticket Stubs Into Floor Mats Now And They Are Awesome!This house mats are awesome!
VIDEO: Shooting At The Parks Mall In Arlington Was Caught On Video!This is crazy! Can't believe he tried to get away in Uber.
Check Out This 46 Bedroom House For Sale In Texas! WOW!This house is insane! Not sure he is ever going to sale it though!
Man Tries To Jump From Roof To Roof To Impress Girl And Gets Stuck!Wonder if he got the girl? At least she called for help.
In The Face Of Controversy Ryan Lochte Is Joining Dancing With The Stars!After all the controversy do you think he deserves to be on the show?

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