Krispy Kreme Is Opening An ATM-Like Machine That Dispenses DoughnutsI wonder how long until this hits all over The United States.
National Coffee Day Means Free Coffee Day!Today is quite possibly the greatest holiday ever! At least for us who are forever in search of the very best cup of coffee!
Want A Free Krispy Kreme Donut (Or Dozen Donuts) Today?Kind of a rhetorical question, huh?
Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Krispy Kreme DonutYou think Krispy Kreme donuts are sugary, but here are 9 foods that have more sugar than a single donut.
Georgia Man Steals Donut Truck And Leads Cops On ChaseMan steals donut truck. Police chase donut truck. Man gets arrested. Police get donuts.
Ahoy And Look Lively Me Hearties For It Be Talk Like A Pirate DayAhoy land lubbers! This be the day to Talk Like A Pirate. Plot a course for pirate shenanigans! Arrrr!
Why Do Cops Eat Donuts?

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