Kim Kardashian Begged The Robbers Not To Kill Her: "I Have Babies At Home"This had to have been terrifying!
Do NOT Change The Date On Your iPhone To 1970You might love the 70's, but you don't want you phone stuck there forever.
Young Boy Sends Troops A Letter Saying "Kill Those ISIS F****"
This Guy Took A Selfie While His Wife Was In Labor And The Internet Is Freaking Out
People Are Angry About This Hunter Posting Her Graphic Kill Photos In The Wake Of Cecil The Lions Death
You Will Be Shocked By These Everyday Foods That Can Kill You
This Guy Tried To Kill A Wolf Spider, What Happened Next Will Give You Nightmares
KORY: Anti-Gay Bill Signed Into Law By Indiana Governor - What Is Happening To Us?
A 'Power Ranger' Killed A Guy...With A Samurai Sword. Really!? Yes.The Power Rangers star has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his roommate to death with a sword.
Lena Dunham Asks But One Favor Of Taylor Swift: "Kill Me, Please"
Scott Stapp Has Had A Mental Break. . . He Is Out To Kill Obama
Amanda Bynes Now Claims She Was "Joking" About Murdering Her Dad

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