Royse City Woman Escapes Kidnapping From Wal-Mart Parking LotThe suspects have yet to be identified. Stay safe and ask for an escort if you’re going to be shopping alone at night.
Mom Fights Off Would Be Kidnapper! (Video)This is INSANE. A Florida mother and her daughter were shopping at a Dollar General when a man came up and tried to kidnap the 13 year old. In broad daylight!
Nicholas Cage Helps Father Find Missing Daughter!Nicholas Cage is known for saving people in his movies.
"Digital Kidnapping" Is A Real Thing And Can Happen If You Post Pictures Of Your Kids
Texas Man Fakes Own Kidnapping To Hide From WifeMan goes to extremes to get a night out with his buddies. May have gone a bit too far.
11-Year-Old Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Parent-Teacher ConferenceA boy in Spain takes drastic measures to keep his parents from a parent-teacher conference by faking his own kidnapping.
Kidnapping A Hoax In Dallas

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