This Kid Just Owned Halloween With This Dance Routine!Wait for it! This is hilarious!
If You Grew Up In DFW You Know Every One Of These Jingles From The 80's And 90's!We are willing to bet you know every one of these jingles!
Carrollton Woman Runs Into Burning Building To Save KidThis woman is a hero!
Police Share Horrifying Image Of Adults Overdosed While Toddler Sits In The Back SeatThis is so sad!
Eagle Tries To Fly Away With Kid At Bird ShowThe pictures are terrifying. Can you imagine if a bird tried to do this to you?
This Mom Claims She Found Jesus In Her Kids Dirty Diaper!We can't make this stuff up!
VIDEO: Boy Falls 20 Feet Off Ski Lift And Caught By Strangers!This is the craziest thing we have ever seen! So glad he is okay!
DeVry Professor Holds Student’s Baby While Teaching ClassWhen you were college did you ever get in trouble for talking during class? What about your cellphone ringing in the middle of your professor’s big speech?
VIDEO: Kid Struggles To Eat Hotdog At Baseball Game And It's Adorable!
This Photo Of A Centipede A 14-Year-Old Pulled Out Of His Ear Is The Worst Thing You Will Ever See
VIDEO: Woman Tells Her 6-Year-Old To Punch Another Woman In The Face While She Holds Her Down
VIDEO: Kid Loses His Mind About His Cast When He Wakes Up From Surgery

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