Scary Clowns Are Now Jumping On The Back Of Buses And Riding Them!This is getting out of hand!
Police Talk Man Out Of Jumping Off Bridge By Chatting About Hatred Of Cowboys!This guy was having a really bad day.
Seal Escapes Hungry Orcas By Jumping On A BoatThis poor little seal jumps into a boat full of passengers to escape a pod of hungry orcas!
Man Tries To Jump From Roof To Roof To Impress Girl And Gets Stuck!Wonder if he got the girl? At least she called for help.
Student Jumps From One Rooftop To Another To Impress A Girl And Gets Stuck Between The BuildingsA man wanted to impress his girlfriend and made an attempt to jump from one rooftop to the next. I guess this guy has no jumping skills, cause he missed and fell between the crack of the two buildings.
Three Regular People Got Tricked Into Jumping Off An Olympic High Dive And It's Hilarious!This would be terrifying. We can't believe they did it.
Students In Texas High School Play Jump Rope With A Cats Intestines And Think It's Okay
Little Boy Jumps On Brides Dress While She Is Walking Down The Aisle!
Squirrel Jumps Off 21-Story Building and Lives to Tell (VIDEO)How in the world did this squirrel get to this balcony on floor 21? Elevator? However it happened, he got down must faster than he went up.
VIDEO: Rebel Wilson Rapping Will Make You Love Her Even MoreShe's fantastic.
The Newest "MEMBER" Of 1D Forgot His Jock Strap! You're Welcome!
12 Leaps For Leap Day 2012

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