Julie's Jabber: When Did I Get So MEAN? My husband and I had assumed our regular positions recently after putting our daughters to bed.
Julie's Jabber: Words Of Wisdom From Bunny BearMy baby is growing up. Parents say that stuff all the time but then there are the kick-in-the-gut moments when you see the evidence first-hand. My oldest is 10-years-old but she seems to have grown 3 years in the past week.
Julie's Jabber: Changing The World With Fat-Jokes (I'm Talking To YOU, Mindy Kaling)
Julie's Blog About Angry Facebook Comment Gets Unexpected ResponseJulie's blog post received an unexpected reply.
Julie's Jabber: Sucking The Fun Out Of The Holidays
Julie's Jabber: Now Hiring A Sister Wife
Julie's Jabber: My Email Spam Box Thinks I’m a Sex AddictI have to empty my email spam box once a day and I’m always appalled by the stuff that’s in there.
Julie's Jabbers: Body Image Lessons From A Hypocrite
Julie’s Jabber: Hamsters Never End Well
Julie's Jabber: 'Megalodon', Am I Smarter than a 9-Year-Old?
Julie's Jabber: Saying Goodbye, I’ll Be The Person Waving In Your Rearview Mirror
Julie's Jabber: American Girl Dolls - The NEW Bride of Chucky My 5 year old wants a birthday party at the American Girl Store because she wants to get new eyeballs for her McKenna doll.

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