Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant? You Be The Judge!Pregnant or just bloated? What do you think?
Tinder's New Feature Lets You Judge People On Their Music Taste!Would you not date someone because of their music tastes?
Judge Orders Ryan Lochte And Teammate To Stay In Rio!Well this isn't good!
Criminal Sentenced To 40 Years, Throws Poop At Judge (Video)Inside a courtroom in Springfield, Illinois, Ricky Hand was receiving his sentencing for a string of robberies he committed across the town. When he heard his punishment of 40 years behind bars, he did not take the news too well.
Sorry Ashley Madison Users! If You Want To Sue Them You Will Have To Use Your Real Name!
Kesha's Case Against Sony Was Dismissed By A Judge Who Made A Questionable Comment About Rape
Husband Sues Wife For Not Cooking And Cleaning Enough!Is this guy the worst husband ever?
Twitter Account Invites Strangers To Insult Your PhotoWould you do it?
Sources Say Gwen Stefani And Christina Aguilera Are Fighting Over The Voice?
A Stripper Showed Her Panties To A Judge And Had Her Charges Dropped
Texas Judge Orders Man To Marry His Girlfriend Or Do Jail Time
DFW Judge Requires Additional Step Before Marrying Same-Sex CouplesWhat do you think?

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