Murder Suspect Broadcasts Himself On Facebook Live Running From Police!This is crazy!
The Official Trailer For 'Gilmore Girls' Has Arrived And Here It IsWe can't wait to watch the Gilmore Girls reboot!
Little Girl Accidentally Roots For Wrong Football Team And Has Complete Meltdown!We feel your pain sweet heart! Rooting for the wrong team hurts sometimes!
Can You Figure Out The Sexual Pun In This Couples Halloween CostumeNow this is super creative!
Justin Timberlake Runs Into Fans While Voting!Just another reason we love Justin Timberlake!
You Are Not Allowed To Take Selfies At Voting Booths!Why can't you take a selfie?
Teen Wakes Up From Coma And Speaks Fluent Spanish!This is crazy! He had never spoken Spanish in his life!
The Most Inappropriate Halloween Mask You Will Ever See Makes Your Face Look Like Lady Parts!Why is this even a thing?
Rowlett Bakery Makes $4,500 Chandelier Cake That Will Blow Your Mind!This cake is INSANE!
Ryan Lochte Celebrates His Dogs 8th Birthday 3 Years In A Row!He is really, really, really, bad at math!
This 4-Year-Old Is Smarter Than You! She Speaks 7 Languages!This is INSANE! We can barely speak English!
SNL Skit Nails How Every Girl Feels On Halloween!They hit this on the head!

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