Richard Dreyfuss Corrects Internet Users on Which Dreyfuss He IsActor Richard Dreyfuss went on Twitter last night after the Emmy Awards to confirm that (a) he is not dead and that (b) he is not Julia Louis-Dreyfus' father.
Did You Go To The Cat Video Festival In Oak Cliff?Yes, this is a real thing!
25 Years Ago Today We Got The World Wide Web!We could access the world wide web 25 years ago TODAY!
The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These Two German Field Hockey Players Names!There is a dirty joke in here for sure!
The Internet Has Lost It's Mind Over The Way This Woman Was Sitting!
Internet Conspiracy Says Eminem Died A Few Years Ago From A Drug Overdose
The Monkey Emoji Debate Has Broken The Internet! Is It One Monkey Or Three
Patrick Stewart Dressed In Drag And Looked Fabulous!
Hacker Group Anonymous Has Declared "Total War" Against Donald Trump
Teen Nearly Dies After Attempting Internet ChallengeDon't try this at home.
The Internet Has Gone Crazy Trying To Find The Hidden Panda In This Picture!
Which 2015 Meme Are You?I got Left Shark!

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