Shannen Doherty Shares Sweet Pic With Her Husband As She Continues Fighting Breast CancerShannen Doherty is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for her fight against breast cancer.
This Woman Dropped Her Husband's Lunch In His Sun Roof From The Balcony!This woman has skills!
This Guy Just Tried To Sell His Wife On EbayThis guy might be the worlds worst husband!
Ex NFL Player And Wife Killed By Teenage Son!This is so sad.
Drew Barrymore Officially Files for Divorce From HusbandThey’d announced their split in April, but now it’s official. Drew Barrymore filed for divorce Friday in Manhattan from husband Will Kopelman, an art consultant. The two were married in June and have two daughters together, 3 and 2.
So Are Kylie Jenner And Tyga Married?The 18-year-old reality star was getting her nails done with a friend, and of course documenting it all on Snapchat, when she seemingly dropped a pretty big bomb about her relationship.
Husband's Hidden Cameras Catch House Keeper Sleeping With His Wife!This is crazy! Can you imagine seeing this?
Wives Post Hilarious Pictures Showing Why Their Husband Should Never Be Left In Charge Of Anything!One wife found she was not tall enough to actually see into the mirror she asked her husband to put up.
Mom Asked Her Husband For Baby Updates And Got The Funniest Pictures In Return!
Ever Wondered What A Billion Dollar Wedding Looks Like? Here You Go!
This Woman's Angry Splash Mountain Photo Is Hilarious!The story behind it is even better
Susan Sarandon's Daughter Fired The Nanny For Sexting Her HusbandI can't believe the babysitter sent this text! It had to be on purpose, right?

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