New Hugh Jackman Photo Prompts Concerns From FansThe Instagram photo shows Hugh giving thumbs up to a platter of fish. He looks older than we’d expect. Is everything alright with Hugh Jackman?
VIDEO: Hugh Jackman Saves His Son From DrowningA rip on Sydney's Bondi Beach was getting out of hand.
Actor Hugh Jackman Diagnosed With Cancer For The Fourth TimeSending good vibes their way!
Hugh Jackman And Jim Carrey Impersonate Each Other On Social MediaEarlier this week, Hugh Jackman hopped on Instagram and did an awesome impression of Jim Carrey.
Aussie Movie Stars Play Musical Beers with Jimmy Fallon
Hugh Jackman Being Treated For Skin Cancer
[VIDEO] Hugh Jackman Is 'Bouncing' to host the Tony Awards
X-MEN REVIEW: Julie Knows Whether You Must See It This Weekend
X-Men: "Days Of Future Past" Releases 2nd TrailerA new trailer has been released for Marvel's next X-Men film,"Days Of Future Past".
Hugh Jackman Tweets Picture Of His MulletHugh Jackman shows off his new hair cut for his role in the movie Chappie.
Hot Hollywood BeardsWe discussed the celebrity guys with the hottest beards. Check out who's on our list!
Hot Hollywood BeardsWe take a look at hot Hollywood men and their hot Hollywood beards.

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