Man Locks Himself Out Of His House And Gets Stuck In His Chimney!Did he really think that was going to work?
Check Out Huge Dallas House Up For Auction On Halloween!This house is AMAZING! Want a resort in your backyard? Here you go!
Kevin Hart Got So Scared In A Haunted House With Jimmy Fallon That He Farted!OMG! This is hilarious!
Best Cities For Those Who Never Want to Leave Their House; Dallas #6Interesting study from Estately for those they call Urban Hermits. ;) Wanna stay home? It’s possible.
Family Cleans House And Finds Tortoise They Lost In 1982How did the poor guy live this long?
Local HOA Makes Family Take Down Their 'Back The Blue' Flag!Why would they make them take down their flag? This just seems wrong.
Police Called To Chris Browns House After He Allegedly Pointed A Gun At A Woman!Why can't he stay out of trouble? This is crazy!
Check Out This 46 Bedroom House For Sale In Texas! WOW!This house is insane! Not sure he is ever going to sale it though!
How Much Income Do You Need to Buy a House in DFW?Remember when this area was known everywhere as a place to live on the cheap! Not so much anymore.
You Can Stay The Night In An Awesome Tree House Just Outside Of Dallas!We are going to have to make a reservation here soon! This place looks awesome!
Burglars Ransack California’s Famous 'Brady Bunch' HouseBreaking into anyone’s home in the middle of the night is sacrilege – but this home feels personal to many of us. It’s the one we saw between most every scene of The Brady Bunch. The current resident, a woman in her 70s, has owned it since 1973 – shortly after the show completed its five year run.
Take A Peek Inside Tony Romo's Home! (Photos)It boasts a 2-story entry, gourmet kitchen, private study and backyard spa and pool.

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