Watch The Fort Worth Police Departments Hilarious Horse Video!Such a fun video! Love to see the police department having some fun!
Texas Man Rode His Horse Into Taco Bell (Video)Only in Texas, right?
VIDEO: Man Rides His Horse On Bridge And Causes A Major Traffic JamStaten Island was moving a little slow on Monday, when a pedestrian and his horse decided to take the bridge to get around New York City.
VIRAL VIDEO: North Texas Horse Thinks It's A Dog And Plays DeadI've seen a dog play dead, but never a horse.
Remember That Time Prince Harry Fell Off A Horse?We're just gonna leave this video right here...
Texas Man Arrested For Trying To Make Love To A Horse For A Third Time
Rockets Tweet About Horse Murder During Mavericks Game!
VIDEO: Jockey Loses Pants During Horse Race, Beats A Horse Named "Modesty."To recap, a bare-bottomed jockey beat a horse named Modesty. Perfect.
PICS: Zac Efron...Shirtless...On The Beach...On A Horse.A gallery of gratuitous Zac Efron hotness!
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Runaway HorsesFart-spooked horses, choked by powdered sugar, and stinky feet in the movie theater? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
Drunk Man Wanted To Ride Horse 600 MilesA man decides to go for a 600-mile horse ride with a dog in his backpack.
Man On Horse Arrested For DUI

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