Couple Wins Free Pizza For A Year Donates It All To Children's Homeless Shelter!Such a great story! We love this couple for what they did!
Man Hides Drugs From Police In His Foreskin While in police custody, a tiny bag of white powder began to "emerge" from his foreskin.
San Antonio Man Builds Mobile Showers For Texas HomelessArmando Villalobos is using his talent as a plumber to travel across the city to give homeless citizens the opportunity to shower.
Homeless Kids Set Up Lemonade Stand In Downtown DallasThe six kids that participated are all 12 years old or younger. All homeless at one point, some now live in shelters, others live in transitional housing.
Khloe Kardashian Kicks Lamar Odom Out Of House She's Renting For HimThe downward spiral of former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom appears to have no end in sight.
The Dallas Street Choir Has Been Invited To Carnegie HallMembers of The Dallas Street Choir meet every Wednesday morning at the Stewpot near downtown, and the group now numbers around 75. The choir is made of individuals who are suffering from homelessness and other severe disadvantages.
Homeless Man Uses Tinder To Hook Up, Score A Place To Crash And Have A Hot ShowerAn article published by the New York Post highlights the growing number of people who are using the Internet to hide the fact that they're homeless, and how they count on the Internet for survival.
VIDEO: This Man Gives A Homeless Man $100 And Followed Him To See How He Spent It, You Won't Believe What He Does!This man did not disappoint. What a cool video.
Have You Seen Justin Bieber's Dreads Yet?
Cashier Meets Homeless Man... Who Happens to be Her Long Lost FatherIf this scene was in a movie we’d say it was over the top and not believable. An Idaho woman working as a cashier at an Exxon station was having a typical day on the job until a homeless man got in her line and handed her his food stamp card.
Watch A Good Samaritan Give Homeless Man The Shirt Off His Own BackHeart-warming.
Homeless Man Gets Christmas Tree From Caring CitizensHis previous one was taken by the city.

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