You Can Now Buy A Sexy Redheaded Man Calendar!This was way better than we actually thought it would be!
Amy Schumer Was On The Kiss Cam And Of Course It Was Hilarious!Amy Schumer was on the kiss cam and she made the most of it! LOL
They Asked Amy Schumer What She Was Wearing At The Emmy's, And She Said "A Tampon"We love Amy Schumer
A Normal Guy Reviews The Fifty Shades Darker TrailerThis is amazing!
3-Year-Old Girl Tells Her Dad Off For Not Closing The Toilet SeatShe was mad that he kept leaving the seat up and told him all about it.
This 'Stranger Things' Spoof Done With Pugs Is Hilarious!This is hilarious!
Merriam-Webster Just Owned This Guy On Twitter! Yes, The Dictionary!OMG! They totally burned this guy, and it's hilarious!
This Guy Got His Testicle Stuck In An Ikea ChairThis is hilarious!
Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Pooped On His Neck And It's Hilarious!He tried to inspire his daughter and she pooped all over it, literally!
This Guy Made A List Of Everything That Happened His First Day At Target And It's Hilarious!This is hilarious!
Rangers Fan Grabs His Girlfriend's Boob Live On TV While Being Interviewed!I mean when you get excited, you get excited!
Fort Worth Police Departments Viral Video Is Hilarious!Love to see the Fort Worth Police Department having a little fun.

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