Taking a Hot Bath Shows Similar Benefits to ExerciseWhat a dreamy headline! Who knew that we can get out of exercise… I mean, enhance our health dramatically… by taking a hot bath. A new study out of England shows that a half hour bath gets your metabolism going, reduces blood pressure and burns the equivalent calories as a 30 minute brisk walk. Our bodies release the same proteins when exposed to exercise or heat.
40-Hour Work Week After Age 40 Could Be Bad for the BrainIf you’re over 40, take heed. If you’re not, take heed – you may actually be 40 at some point. There’s an optimal amount your brain wants to work each week, and it’s not 40 hours. Research is showing the stress and repetition of a 40-hour work week, especially when age 40+, has a cost.
Study: Pasta Does Not Make You FatWait… did I read that right? A study conducted in the land of pasta, Italy, has concluded that not only does pasta not contribute to obesity, it’s associated with a reduction in BMI, body mass index. Is that not the best news you’ve heard all day?
Study: Napping Too Long Is Bad For Your HealthScientists from the American College of Cardiology studied the napping habits of 300,000 people from around the world and found that those who took frequent naps for longer than 40 minutes had a greater risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and carrying excess belly fat.
Study: 'Traffic Light' Calorie Labeling Leads to Healthier ChoicesWe all know green means ‘go’ and red means ‘stop,’ so researchers incorporated that familiar notion into menus. It’s working. They combined the familiar traffic light symbol + a numeric calorie count.
Study: A Brisk 15-Minute Daily Walk Will Add Years to Your LifeGood news on the exercise front. Researchers wanted to find out whether low levels of exercise could be beneficial for older adults. Yes.
Study: Yoga is Better Than Brain Games at Preventing DementiaGreat news – wouldn’t you rather stretch your body than do Sudoku? A UCLA study concludes that three months of yoga practice helped seniors improve their faltering memories. Yoga and meditation helped participants be less depressed and anxious and they were better to cope with stress.
Study: Wine With Food is Very Positive for Health and OutlookThe Italians, French and Greek are pretty clear on this, but do you have wine with meals? More reasons why you should.
Study: 1-Minute of Intense Exercise May Have Big-Time Health BenefitsSprint more, jog less. Research is showing that less can be more when it comes to exercise. I’m smiling – are you? You still need to combine the intense minute with a few more minutes of active -- but not much.
Want to Live Longer? Eat Like the JapaneseThe average life expectancy in Japan is 87 for women – the longest of any population – and 80 for men. A study finds their diet, rich in fish and pickled vegetables, may add years to their life.
Researchers Believe Disease-Fighting BEER May Be CloseCould infections, cancer and inflammation be treated by beer? Sounds crazy but makes sense if you know anything about hops – the flowers that give beer much of its flavor.
Study: Blueberries’ Health Benefits Include Boosting Memory And ConcentrationWhat great news – who doesn’t love blueberries? Research that included 47 adults consuming blueberries or freeze-dried blueberry powder for sixteen weeks suggests the healthy antioxidants help prevent cognitive impairment, according to a team of University of Cincinnati scientists.

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