Study Shows Facebook Can Lift Your Mood
Study: The Older We Get, The Happier We AreWho’d have thought that research on happiness and aging would show more unhappiness in our 20s and 30s when we’re young, strong and good looking? Yep, according to a new study, we’re happier and enjoy better mental health as we get older.
Four Happiness Tips From New Book, ‘Think Happy'There's a new self-help book making the rounds, and the author has one bit of advice for all of us: things are going to go wrong no matter what.
Custom Hospital Gowns Help Sick Patients Feel Like Themselves Again.The blank walls and bright lights offer little variety, either, and for many patients, life in the hospital can be boring, and unfortunately dehumanizing.
Secret to Happy Marriage is 7-8 Hours of SleepWhen couples married 50-60 years are interviewed about what made their marriage last, they usually say things like honesty, respect and a sense of humor. I don’t recall any saying “we both get plenty of sleep” – but a new study suggests sleep is just the ticket. In fact, sleep is what allows those other positive aspects.
Remember Sad Papaw? He Had A Cookout And The Entire Country Showed Up!
Parrot Cusses Out His Owner After He Destroyed His Cage!
Our Friend Elle King Got Engaged! So Happy For Her!So happy for her!!
Snapchat Makes You Happier Than FacebookThere’s no shortage of studies showing Facebook can induce sadness. Has to do with comparing oneself to others – a happiness zapper if ever there was. But this is interesting: Snapchat can cheer you up!
Bride Gives Her Father a "Certificate Of Purity" And People Are Really Upset About It!
Five Things That Boost A Woman's MoodA new survey asked more than 1,000 women what makes them feel "fabulous.” #1 is far and away #1 with moi – how about you?
Man Born Without His "Member" Could Get New Organ Built From His Arm

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