This Burger King Restaurant Dressed Up Like McDonald's For Halloween!This was so creative, and hilarious!
Can You Figure Out The Sexual Pun In This Couples Halloween CostumeNow this is super creative!
28 Cheap And Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume IdeasOops! You totally forgot that you have that Halloween party this weekend! And all the best costumes at Party City or Halloween Express are pretty much gone! What do you wear? You don’t want to be that lame person without a costume.
The Most Inappropriate Halloween Mask You Will Ever See Makes Your Face Look Like Lady Parts!Why is this even a thing?
SNL Skit Nails How Every Girl Feels On Halloween!They hit this on the head!
Halloween Decorations Have Some Folks Upset In KatyWhat would Halloween be without upsetting your neighbors because your decorations are amazingly gruesome? A house in Katy has done just that, offending neighbors and passersby with a "zombie baby" theme. There's a zombie mother looking over her zombie children as they bite and chew various body parts all while in their zombie baby crib.
DFW Has (3) Of "The 2016 Top 20 Best Cities For Halloween"$8.4 billion is predicted to be spent on Halloween this year!
Adorable Kittens Recreate Classic Horror FilmsHalloween has never looked so adorable! Kittens are cute no matter what scenario you put them in, including some of the greatest classic horror films.
People In This Texas Town Are Upset About Gruesome Baby Halloween Display!Does this Halloween display offend you?
This Girls Crazy Transformation Into Michael Jackson Will Blow Your Mind!Now this girl has some made skills!
It’s Now Illegal To Dress Up As A Clown In This CountyScary clown costumes have been banned in one Mississippi town until the day after Halloween.
The Top 5 Scariest Movies Of All TimeWith Halloween less than two weeks away, our minds are on scary movies. If you haven't already started binge watching all things scary, you are running out of time. Perhaps you need a little help.

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