Man Gets Bee Sting Lips By Having Actual Bees Sting His Lips! This Is Crazy!This guys lips are insane!
Video Catches The Moment This Kid Threw Up On A State Fair Ride!This poor poor kid!
This Woman Had A 6 Inch Hair Ball Removed From Her Stomach!These pictures are insane!
VIDEO: Justin Bieber Blows Snot On Fans In The Front RowThis is so gross!
Tons Of Hotels Were Busted Not Changing The Sheets For New Guests!This is just gross!
8 Gross Things We All Do At Home But Don't Talk About!Don't lie! We all do these things!
PHOTO: Woman Finds Rat Head In Her Fried ChickenWould you like fries with that?
Woman Eats Potato Chips Covered In Dead Ants Thinking They Were Pepper FlakesA high school student in Beaverton, Oregon bit a little more than she could chew after diving into a freshly opened bag of Miss Vickie's sea salt and vinegar flavored chips.
Woman Finds Spider Cooked Into Her Vanilla Wafer!This picture is crazy!
People Thought These Models Walked The Runway Covered In Semen!What the heck is that on them? This is weird!
Move Over Pimple Popping Videos! Belly Button Secretion Videos Are Hot Right Now!This might be the grossest thing we have ever seen!
Kylie Jenner's Birthday Cake Looks So Gross!I'm not sure we could eat this cake.

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