Sulu Is Gay In 'Star Trek Beyond' And George Takei Isn't Happy About ItLooks like we have a polite disagreement going on here...oh, my!
This 16-Year-Old Girl Came Out To Her Parents At Disneyland In The Most Amazing Way!
London Bobby Proposes To Partner At Pride Parade (Video)In the middle of the London Pride Parade on Sunday, a police officer stopped, fell to one knee, and proposed to his partner to the delight and cheers of the crowd around them.
Orlando Shooter Apparently Frequent Patron Of Pulse NightclubOmar Mateen, the man behind the horrible acts in Orlando was apparently a frequent visitor to the nightclub he committed these heinous murders.
Here Is Nick Jonas's Gay Sex Scene From Kingdom!
Idina Menzel Is On Board With Frozen's Elsa Having A GirlfriendIf you have a child or even know a child, then you know everything there is to know about Frozen.
Arrow's Colton Haynes Confirms He's GayIn this day and age, if you're an actor or actress, you have to tell us everything about your personal life. That includes your sexuality, whether you want to share the information or not.
NCAA Rules on Anti-LGBT Discrimination Laws
James Franco Said In Interview He is "A Little Gay"
Photographer Apparently Captures Photos Of Lions Exhibiting Homosexual BehaviorAnd from what she discovered, it's not uncommon.
Corporate America Makes Stand for LGBT
Volunteers Begin Patrolling Dallas Gayborhood After String Of Attacks!

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