This Is How Far You Can Drive When Your Gas Light Comes On!Well this is good to know!
Man Sets Gas Station On Fire Trying To Kill SpiderA Michigan man encountered a spider while he was gassing up his car, and because he's deathly afraid of the little guys decided his best course of action was to set the critter ablaze.
Bucees Could Be Coming To Denton Soon!
Man Tries To Light Spider On Fire...Guess What Happens Next!Probably not the smartest thing he's ever done.
This Woman Trying To Put Gas In Her Car Is The Funniest Video You Will See All Day!
This Teenager Provided Back Up For Texas Deputy Pumping Gas
Fort Worth Policeman Commits Random Act Of KindnessPay it forward.
You Can Now Have Gas Delivered To Your Car Through An App
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Injuries Before Opening DayHappy Monday! We're dusting the weekend off of our shoulders and declaring Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
Ain't Nobody Got Time For 635635/LBJ, faulty gas pumps at 4AM, and a snooty food truck chef that doesn't do cheese tots are a few of the things we ain't got time for this morning.
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Runaway HorsesFart-spooked horses, choked by powdered sugar, and stinky feet in the movie theater? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
Suspected Domestic Violence Was Really A Farting BoyfriendThose screams you hear are just a girlfriend who smelled her boyfriend's fart.

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