SNL Skit Nails How Every Girl Feels On Halloween!They hit this on the head!
Weird Al Yankovic Made A Debate Song Called "Bad Hombre, Nasty Women"This is actually really funny!
Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Had A Charity Roast Last Night!It was actually really funny!
The Best Celebrity Tweets From Last Nights Presidential Debate!WOW! They had plenty to say!
Here Are The Funniest Snapchats From Last Nights Debate!This makes watching the debate much easier!
Worst Criminal Of All-Time Hides Blinds Under His HoodieDid this guy really think he was going to get away with this?
Here Are The Best Ways To Respond To Cat Calling On The Street!This is hilarious!
Mom Films Her Struggle Trying To Put Her Child To Sleep! How Are They Always Thirsty?The struggle is real if you have kids!
This Guy Brought His "Emotional Support Duck" On A Plane And It's Adorable!This emotional support duck is adorable!
Cowboys Star Running Back Ezekiel Elliot Did An Interview With ESPN Wearing NO Pants!Now this is hilarious!
This Family In Lakewood Buries The Biggest Stories Of 2016 In Their Front Yard!This is hilarious!
Buffalo Bills Fan Drinks Beer From Someone's Butt! Stay Classy Buffalo!Just another day in Buffalo during football season! Nothing to see here! WOW!

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