Britney Spears Son Pulled The Best Prank Ever On His Mom! Watch This!Her son is hilarious!
Woman Finds Out Coworkers Were Tracking Her Period So They Could Avoid Her!People must have really not liked this woman!
These Women Swear The Coffee They Were Drinking Got Them Drunk!Could coffee have gotten these women drunk!
How Texan Are You? Take The Quiz And Find Out!How Texan are you?
11-Year-Old Comedian From Mesquite Is Getting Reality Show Produced By Ellen!This show is going to be awesome!
It's Mayor Monday And Ken Shetter From Burleson Is Our New Best Friend!Seriously! This guy is super cool!
They Asked Amy Schumer What She Was Wearing At The Emmy's, And She Said "A Tampon"We love Amy Schumer
911 Operators Tell The Dumbest Phone Calls They Have Ever Taken!Some of these phone calls are are crazy!
Jimmy Fallon Messed Up Donald Trumps Hair Last Night And It Was Awesome!We didn't think his hair could get any worse. We were wrong!
Can You Solve This Simple Algebra Question?Can you solve this algebra problem? People can't stop arguing about it!
Ladies, This Is What Your Name Says About You!This is hilarious!
Texas Cigar Lounge Lets People Wipe Their Feet On Kaepernick JerseyWhat do you think about this?

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