Ryan Reynolds Responds To Sexual Tweets And It's Hilarious!Ryan Reynolds responses are hilarious! This is awesome!
Barbra Streisand Called The CEO Of Apple Because Siri Mispronounces Her Name!She handled it like a total boss!
A Compilation Of SNL Stars Breaking Character Is The Funniest Thing You Have Ever Seen!We couldn't make it through this video without laughing!
Here Is Your Dose Of Sass For August 22, 2016!Here is your Dose Of Sass with Steve Kemble!
Poop Truck Explodes And Covers Cars Around It!Why is there so much poo flying in Russia?
Three Regular People Got Tricked Into Jumping Off An Olympic High Dive And It's Hilarious!This would be terrifying. We can't believe they did it.
Teens Pretended To Be Pregnant Using Watermelons So They Could Sneak Them Into A Movie Theater!These girls really wanted some watermelon! This is hilarious!
This Dad Accidentally Ate Pot Brownies And Cussed Out The Family's Cat!Now this is funny!
Here Is Your Doss Of Sass For August 17, 2016Here is your Doss Of Sass for Wednesday!
Dose of Sass with Steve Kemble August 15, 2016 (Audio)Here is your Doss Of Sass for today! ENJOY!
Teacher Shows Up To First Day Of School Drunk And Not Wearing Any Pants!We bet the students think she is the cool teacher now!
Selena Gomez Trolls Justin Bieber And His New Girlfriend!This is hilarious!

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