Local High School Football Teams Dance Video Is Going Viral!This is awesome!
These Two Guys Spent The Night In An IKEA And Didn't Get Caught!We can't believe they actually did this! Check out the video!
Here Is The Interview With Camila From Fifth HarmonyWe talked to Camilla from Fifth Harmony! Here is what she is up to now!
Here Is Your Dose Of Sass For August 25, 2016!Here is your celebrity gossip for August 25, 2016!
25 Years Ago Today We Got The World Wide Web!We could access the world wide web 25 years ago TODAY!
Canned Wine Is All The Rage! Will You Try It?Can you get behind this new trend?
Dallas Woman Leaves Crocheted Pokemon Go Characters At Poke Stops And People Are Obsessed!People are obsessed with these crocheted Pokemon Go characters!
Pizza Hut Makes A Bluetooth Turntable Pizza Box And People Are Going Crazy For It!This is kind of awesome!
Ever Wanted To Be A Mavs ManiAAC? Here Is Your Chance!Mavs ManiAAC's auditions set for August 22nd!
Watch Local Granbury ISD Administrators Do Their Version Of Carpool Karaoke!This is awesome! Love to see the school district having some fun!
Goff's Hamburgers Near SMU has Caught On Fire!
Grapevine Could Be Getting A New $330 Million Water Park Resort!This is going to be awesome!

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