Cat Wine Is A Real Thing! Now You Can Drink With Your Furry Friend!
High School Student Buys Flowers For Every Girl In The SchoolHe didn't want any of the girls to go through Valentine's Day without flowers! How sweet is that!
This Guy Just Snuck His Best Friend Into A Movie By Stuffing Him In His Pants!No seriously, he did! LOL
21 Amazing Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Loves To Cuss!
Justin Bieber Lost A Friend In The Paris Attacks, Leaves Heartfelt Message On Twitter!
Ed Sheeran Lets Childhood Friend Contribute to His Album to Help Her FinanciallyA British newspaper has this cool story: ED SHEERAN agreed to give an old childhood friend a songwriting credit on his last album "x (Multiply)", so she could afford her mortgage.
Scott Disick Is Dating A Model That Just Graduated High School! No Seriously He Is!
This Woman Is Being Accused Of Killing Her Boyfriend With Her Breasts!
Debate Sparks After Mother Breastfeeds Her Son And Friend's Child
This Man Tried To Give His Girlfriend Away On Craigslist
His Girlfriend Wanted His Dog Gone So He Posted The Greatest Craigslist Ad EVER!
This Guy Dressed Like His Girlfriend And Tried To Take An Exam For Her

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