Thousands Sign Petition Demanding for Veggie Burgers at In-N-Out
America is Running Out of Fast Food WorkersThere just aren’t enough people to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”
The Top 10 Best Fast Food BurgersWhat did they leave off the list?
McDonald's (Finally!) Expands Its All Day Breakfast MenuAdmit it. You're a little excited.
Pregnant Fast Food Worker Brutally Assaulted By Customer For Forgetting StrawsWhat is wrong with people!? Victoria Repine, a 19 year-old pregnant Wendy's employee was pulled through the drive-thru window and brutally assaulted on Sunday because she forgot to give the customers straws.
McDonald's Will Offer All-You-Can-Eat Fries
What You Should Never Order At Fast Food RestaurantsA recent thread on Reddit asked fast food workers to reveal what items you should never order on their restaurants menu.
Taco Bueno Was Named The Best Mexican Food In America?
McDonald's Isn't The Only Fast Food Restaurant With A Secret MenuFirst came the McDonald's secret menu - there have always been rumors that such a menu existed. Now we know the Land, Air, and Sea Burger is real, thanks to a manager in Scotland, who copped to everything!
Traffic Reporter Caught Ordering Fast Food On Air
Edible Coffee Cups Coming Soon Thanks To KFCKFC has announced that edible coffee cups are just around the corner.
#WeekendRewind: Deadly Cherries, Harry Potter World & Local Police

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