You Can Now Sell All Of Your Ex's Stuff On Facebook!This is awesome!
Woman Arrested For Setting Her Ex's Car On Fire! At Least She Thought It Was!OOPS! That was the wrong car!
Ex NFL Player And Wife Killed By Teenage Son!This is so sad.
Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex 27,000 Times In One Week!This gives a new meaning to crazy! WOW!
This Woman's Ex Forced Her To Stay Overweight And Her Story Is Actually Inspiring!
This Crazy Ex Girlfriend Has The Most Violent And Arrogant Text Rant EVER!
64% Of Women Admit To Doing This After Listening To AdeleAre you guilty of it?
Kaley Cuoco's Ex, Ryan Sweeting, Probably Won't Get Spousal SupportDivorce sucks! Especially if you are a celebrity. It seems like it always comes down to money.
Ben Affleck's Ex-Nanny Was Offered A Million Dollars To Do What?? This Is Crazy!
Amber Rose Responds To The Shower Comment From Kanye West!
Jennifer Lopez' New Boyfriend Is...Is it ever cool to get back with an ex? Or should that be left in the past?
Guy Finds Women With Same Last Name As His Ex For Month Long Vacation

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