Man Tries To Jump From Roof To Roof To Impress Girl And Gets Stuck!Wonder if he got the girl? At least she called for help.
American Red Cross Calls For Donations Amid Emergency Blood ShortageIf you have been thinking about donating blood now is the time.
Sarah Silverman Suffers Medical Emergency, Spends Week In ICUIn a lenghty Facebook post she made Wednesday, Silverman explained that her recent absence was due to a medical emergency, one that almost resulted in the loss of her life.
5 Year Old Calls The Cops After Father Runs Red LightThere is a five year old in Boston who is a stickler for the laws and regulations of the open road.
Here Is The Chilling Audio From The Emergency Landing Prince's Flight Had Six Days Before His Death
Prince Rushed To The Hospital Due To Medical Emergency!
Car Rental Employee Text Girls Emergency Contact For Her Phone Number
Guy Fakes Scary In-Flight Emergency To Propose!
LISTEN: 911 Dispatcher Hangs Up On Call While Teen Is Dying(Language NSFW)
People Actually Called 911 When Facebook Went Down
Stevie Wonders: #WhereIsJohn?!
10-year-old Girl Uses Facebook to Save Dad's Life

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