Tesla Model S Driver Caught Sleeping While Letting The Autopilot DriveWith all the latest technologies, we are one step closer to a fully operational self-driving car.
Uber Just Released Their First Self-Driving Car
You Might Have To Tip Your Uber Driver Starting Soon!
New Verizon Device Gives Parents Access to Teens' Driving HabitsDoes your teen exceed the speed limit? When, where, and by how much? This info and other data is available with a new device called ‘Hum.’
Self Driving Strollers Are A Real Thing!Do we really need one of these? This is crazy!
Snooki Revealed That Her Daughter Was Conceived While Driving In A Car
Texas Drunk Driving Campaign Begins Today!Texas law enforcement officers have teamed up with TxDOT and started a new statewide campaign today called... ‘Drink, Drive, Go To Jail.’
These 10 Things Make You Look Like An Idiot When You're Driving
Lindsay Lohan's New Job Is Perfect For Her
Study: Teens Are Better At Texting & Driving Than AdultsA new Wayne State University study shows that the older a person is, the worse they are at texting and driving.
True Stories No One BelievesTwo friends at Tulane University make a happy and unbelievable discovery, and we shared our true stories that no one else believes!
Hillary Clinton Has Not Driven A Car Since 1996Hillary Clinton's recent revelation that she hasn't driven a car since 1996 inspired us to share the normal things we haven't done in years.

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