Janet Jackson's 'Nasty' Sees Big Bump after Donald Trump's Debate CommentTrump called Clinton a "nasty woman" at the last presidential debate.
Nicki Minaj Trolls Donald Trump Over 'Bad Hombres' CommentMinaj also picks her candidate for the next election cycle.
A Letter From George Bush To Bill Clinton From 1993 Has Gone ViralAfter the debate last night, we can all agree that there is a lack of mutual respect among the Presidential candidates. There's been name calling and mud-slinging, which only seems to increase every time Donald trump and Hillary Clinton get in a room together.
Eminem Dropped A New Track And He Dissed Donald Trump In It!We finally have new Eminem music!
Katy Perry, John Legend, More Comment on Final Presidential DebateCelebs tweeted as the opponents duked it out over immigration, abortion and the selection of the next Supreme Court justices.
The Circus Doesn't Want You Calling The Election A "Circus"Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is taking back the word circus.
Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To SNL EVER!This has to be the most crazy run for President ever and SNL is cashing in on the jokes.
200 People Boo And Walk Out Of Amy Schumer Show In Tampa Bay!Well this didn't go as planned!
SNL Takes on Trump and Clinton Town Hall 'Debate'- One of Funniest
Danny Elfman Scores Creepy 'Trump Stalks Hillary' ClipElfman teams with Funny or Die for a truly ominous, and hilarious video.
Donald Trump Called Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin "Retarded"Since the audio of Donald Trump and Billy Bush dropped last week, the hits just keep coming for Trump. Pretty much anyone and everyone that has crossed his path has a story to tell. Including a few staff members on Celebrity Apprentice.
Will Hillary Clinton Bring 'The Fly' When She Appears On Ellen Today?

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