Dog ‘Bruno’ Becomes Legendary for 4 Mile Solo Walks Into TownA large dog in a tiny lakeside town is making a splash on social media today. Locals have loved Bruno for years for his unique behavior. Now he has a statue.
The TSA Wants You To Adopt The Dogs That Failed Training!This video is adorable!
Dog Dies Saving 8-Month Old Baby In House Fire
Dog With A GoPro Stumbles Upon Bigfoot!The mystery of Bigfoot has been solved! The giant, fur covered, apelike creature is real!
German Flight Attendant Adopts Dog Waiting For Her in ArgentinaHere’s a human-pooch love story for the ages. A stray dog in Buenos Aires decided German flight attendant Olivia Sievers was the ‘owner’ for him.
Dog Refuses To Relinquish Giant Adult Toy (Video)The dog's owners were finally able to pry the toy from Galaxy's clutches, when it was then used as a trophy for the husband's golf tournament.
Wine For Your Dog Proves Man's Best Friend Is Man's Best Drinking Buddy.Denver based wine company "Apollo Peak" has introduced a line of non-alcoholic wines for your puppy dogs.
Greg Abbott Uses Adorable Dog "Pancake" To Help Warn Texans About Zika Virus (Video)Gov. Greg Abbott took a moment to update the State of Texas on the governmen't efforts to prevent a Zika virus outbreak, and provided some tips to Texans on how to avoid contracting it.
Police Credit Dog With Saving Owner's LifeTwo women were out walking in their neighborhood when they heard the sounds of broken glass and a frantic dog barking.
Loyal Dog Still Waiting Outside Hospital Almost A Year After His Owner Died
Microchipped Dog Found in Ft. Worth Reunited with Family After Six YearsSay hello – and “welcome back!” – to Corky. The little terrier disappeared from his fenced yard in Boyd, Texas, in 2009.
Mom Tries To Teach Baby To Say 'Mama' But The Dog Says It Instead

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