Mariah Carey The Wedding Singer?Mariah Carey can't think of anyone qualified to sing at her wedding.
Mariah Carey Has Already Started Her Diva Ways In Las Vegas!
Is Patrick Dempsey Leaving Greys Anatomy Because He Is A "Diva"
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Ariana Granda Diva Moments Continue
This Kid Goes Full Diva On Live Television & It's FANTASTIC
Ariana Grande Is Being Called A Diva (Yet Again)Where there is smoke there is fire, right? Or at least that’s how I feel. Lots of talk about Ariana Grande being a diva.
Ariana Grande Gets Called Out For Diva Ways AGAIN
Ariana Grande's Manager Defends Diva FitAnd now the other side of the story.
American Idol Judges Already Arguing
Steve Kemble Talks About Paul Abdul's Diva Behavior
David Arquette Gets Kicked Out Of Prince's Concert

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