Diet Coke Could Be Discontinued Soon!WAIT! WHAT?
New Diet Plan Has People Swallowing Balloons!We have seen some weird diet plans, but this takes it to a whole new level.
Man Loses 70 Pounds In 100 Days Eating Potatoes And BeerYou know the theory that Potatoes are bad for your weight loss? Well one Australian man is doing his job to de-bunk that myth.
The Nacho Diet Is A Real Thing!
Rob Kardashian Has Lost 40 Pounds
Man Loses 22 Pounds On "Potato Diet"He must've been inspired by The Martian.
What Would You Do To Get Skinny? Take Poop Pills?This might be the craziest diet ever! WOW!
Here Are The Best Diets Depending On How You Live Your Life!
This Woman Ate Nothing But Pizza For A Week And Lost 5lbs!
Exercise Alone Won't Shed PoundsOf course exercise improves your well-being and strength, but exercise also causes you to eat more.
Your Favorite Comfort Food Is Making You DepressedEveryone has their staple "go-to" food. It's your food of choice when you've had a bad day. More than likely it's something sweet or bread. Television and movies always seem to show a woman scorned face down in ice cream. After an evening with a sweet treat, the idea is that we feel better.
These 8 Things Finally Happen When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda

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