Watch The Episode Of 'Friends' Where Chandler Dies And Lives On As A Ghost!Can you imagine Friends is Chandler had died? WOW!
Diver Almost Dies When Great White Shark Bust Through Cage!How did this guy survive this?
Teen Dies From Girlfriend's HickeyDid you know hickeys could kill you?
Reality Star Darrell Ward Dies After Leaving Dallas Show!This breaks our hearts! So sad!
Frisco Boy Dies At Texas A&M Frat PartyThis breaks our hearts!
A Rainbow Appears Follow the "Purple Rain" at a Prince Memorial
Australian Kelpie Believed To Be 'World's Oldest Dog' Dies at Age 30Although no time is ever long enough, wouldn’t it be nice if this was the norm? Brian McLaren reportedly lost his sheep dog Maggie's paperwork and could not confirm her birth date.
Bachelor Contestant Dies In Plane Crash!
Woman Allegedly Almost Dies After She Gets A Pedicure!This is scary! Be safe out there ladies!
Former Bachelor Contestant Lex McAllister Has Passed AwayThey are saying she over dosed and took her own life!
BMX Legend Dave Mirra Dies At 41!
Man Dies In Car Accident After Watching Porn On His Phone!Poor guy!

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