A Letter From George Bush To Bill Clinton From 1993 Has Gone ViralAfter the debate last night, we can all agree that there is a lack of mutual respect among the Presidential candidates. There's been name calling and mud-slinging, which only seems to increase every time Donald trump and Hillary Clinton get in a room together.
The Best Celebrity Tweets From Last Nights Presidential Debate!WOW! They had plenty to say!
Here Are The Funniest Snapchats From Last Nights Debate!This makes watching the debate much easier!
SNL Takes on Trump and Clinton Town Hall 'Debate'- One of Funniest
The Second Presidential Debate Gets Auto-TunedWell it didn’t take long for the second Presidential debate to get Songify-ed.
Ken Bone From The Presidential Debate Has Been Offered A $100K Porn Gig!Ken Bone has officially been offered a porn contract!
Melania Trump Wears A Shirt Called "P***y Bow" To The Debate Last Night!As Alanis Morissette says "Isn't It Ironic."
The Real Winner Of Last Night's Debate...Ken BoneThe world has fallen in love with a man named Ken Bone. Why? Because he was the best part of the entire debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Here Are The Best Celebrity Tweets From The Debate Last Night!These are hilarious!
Bernie Sanders’ Suit Becomes ‘The Blue Black or White Gold Dress’ of 2016 – What Color Was It? (PHOTO)While the Democratic Presidential hopefuls were debating issues like immigration and health care last night, viewers at home were debating the color of Bernie Sanders' suit.
How Should Dog Pants Be Worn?It's the great debate of 2016!
Rosie O'Donnell Responds To Donald Trump's Insults From A Mom PerspectiveWell, I guess Donald Trump can't get through any event without insulting people.

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