Here Is The Most Offensive Costumes Of 2016Why do people think these are funny?
This Guy Made His Cigarette Float In Mid Air And The Internet Lost It's Mind!This is INSANE! How does he do this?
Don't Let Daylight Savings Time Sneak Up On You This Year!An extra hour of sleep is on the way!
Guy Predictes The Cubs Would Win The World Series in 2016 In His 1993 Yearbook!This is crazy! This guy predicted the Cubs would win the World Series back in 1993!
DJ Khaled Put His Entire Fiances Birth On Social Media!Would you expect anything different from him?
Justin Timberlake Is Being Investigated For Breaking The Law When He Voted!This seems a little harsh don't you think.
Murder Suspect Broadcasts Himself On Facebook Live Running From Police!This is crazy!
You Are Not Allowed To Take Selfies At Voting Booths!Why can't you take a selfie?
Teen Wakes Up From Coma And Speaks Fluent Spanish!This is crazy! He had never spoken Spanish in his life!
The Most Inappropriate Halloween Mask You Will Ever See Makes Your Face Look Like Lady Parts!Why is this even a thing?
Ryan Lochte Celebrates His Dogs 8th Birthday 3 Years In A Row!He is really, really, really, bad at math!
US Airlines Is Allowed To Weigh Passengers Now To Prevent Crash Landings!People are really upset about this!

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