You Can Turn Old Ticket Stubs Into Floor Mats Now And They Are Awesome!This house mats are awesome!
This Summer Flights Will Be The Cheapest They Have Been In 7 Years!
Stop Everything: Jetpacks Are REALToday, video surfaced of a tea of Jetmen (aka Jet Pack Pilots; way ahead on technology, way behind on gender representation) soaring alongside a massive plane. Not some kind of conspiracy theory video, either. This thing is legit. We googled it and found it on the Latest World News youtube feed. And it's validated by legitimate journalists.
Harrison Ford Was Spotted In Fort Worth
New Case Turns Your Smartphone Into A Polaroid Camera, And It's AMAZING!
PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Still Moonwalking In Heaven?Good to know that not even death stops the King of Pop.
Ariana Grande Elated With Magical Music Gloves [Video]
Video: Spray Cake In A Can! Coolest Thing Ever, Or Does This Make Us Even Lazier?
Internet Secret Santa Turns Out To Be Bill GatesReddit user gets big Christmas surprise when she discovers her Secret Santa is Microsoft found Bill Gates.
Coolest Parents Ever Recreate Movies With Cardboard Starring Infant SonCrafty parents use cardboard and their infant son to recreate movies in their living room with awesome results!
Fun Ways To Beat The HeatFrom water slides to sprinklers, we talked about fun ways to beat the heat.
Wild Ideas For Your Child's Dream RoomKids rooms are so much more than they were when we were kids. Check out some of these wild ideas for a kids dream room!

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