Man With Massive Penis Costume Sneaks Into Live CNN Broadcast And It's Hilarious!
CNN's Chris Cuomo Hailed As Hero; Saves Man From DrowningThe incident happened in the Hamptons.
CNN Thought Gay Pride Parade Flag Was Actually An ISIS Flag
Marge & Homer Simpson Are Not Separating, Or So They Say"Baseless rumors," they claim.
The 27 Sexiest Movies Of All TimeFifty Shades Of Grey comes out this weekend, have you seen these other sexy titles?
CNN Attempts To Crack Sexting Codes
CNN Reporter Mistakenly Tells Mega Millions Store Owner They'll Get $1MReporter mistakenly informs owner of Georgia store that sold one of two winning Mega Millions ticket that she'd get $1 million... but she won't.
Madonna Banned From Piers Morgan's Shows
Sugarland's Tour Resumes With Moment Of Silence; 6th Person From Stage Collapse Dies
Anderson Cooper's On-Camera Fit Of Giggles
'Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert' To be Held October 8th In Wales
Mating Turtles Shut Down JFK Airport

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