It’s Now Illegal To Dress Up As A Clown In This CountyScary clown costumes have been banned in one Mississippi town until the day after Halloween.
Target Pulls Clown Masks Off Their Shelves!Due to recent clown hysteria Target has pulled clown masks off their shelves!
VIDEO: Scary Clown With Huge Knife Tries To Break Into Texas House!This video is INSANE!
Woman Shot In North Texas By Teen Burglars Wearing Clown MaskThe house had security cameras that captured three people rushing in the front door Tuesday night.
Scary Clowns Are Now Jumping On The Back Of Buses And Riding Them!This is getting out of hand!
Clown Chases 16-Year-Old Through Subway With A KnifeThis is no joke. At this time no arrests have been made in any of the clown-related incidents in NYC.
There Is A Map With All Of The Clown Sightings! This Will Give You Nightmares!This is INSANE! This clown thing needs to stop!
Plano Man Beats Up Scary Clown In Park!This is going to turn out bad for the clowns!
16-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Fort Worth Clown HoaxA Fort Worth girl has admitting to a clown hoax.
Firefighters Dressed as Clowns in Plano, McKinney will Continue School Programs in Light of The Clown HoaxEvery October is National Fire Prevention Month. Now with the "creepy clown" hoax going around the country, it has become a little challenging for real clowns to do their job.
Clown Hunting Mobs Are Being Created To Stop The Scary Clown Phenomenon!These clown hunting mobs are intense!
Houston Texas Teen Charged With Making Clown Terror ThreatsThis is getting a little out of hand!

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