Kid Gets His Foot Blown Off By Stray Firework In Central ParkOn the eve of the Fourth of July, police were concerned after a college students foot was blown off Sunday by a 'homemade' explosive left in Central Park.
Man Loses Foot After Explosion in Central Park Near Elie Wiesel's Funeral
NYC Central Park Dance Steps Lead To Engagement!Five years ago, New Yorkers Joshua Dela Cruz and Amanda Phillips, who have a mutual love of dancing and for each other, joined together to film a dance reel. They never finished it, instead they started dating.
I Live In This Country And I've Never Seen...Fill in the blank: I've lived in this country and never seen ______.
fun.'s Tips For Being A Tourist In New York CitySee hidden NYC with fun. "Go to the part of Grand Central where you can talk 20 feet away from each other against the wall and hear it," guitarist Jack Antonoff suggests.

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