Finally, A Real-Life Transformer!As a kid, watching the Transformers cartoon, you've probably always wanted a car that could turn into a robotic defense mechanism.
Man's Car Gets Attacked By TumbleweedsDid you know Idaho has tumbleweeds?
Samsung Phone Explodes And Destroys Man's CarHopefully you don't have one of these phones. This is really scary.
Girl Jumped Out Of Her Car And It Plunges Into Water Because Of a Spider, See The Picture!Petrified, the girl jumped out of the car and as she was freaking out her car slowly rolled forward and dove into the water.
Woman Arrested For Setting Her Ex's Car On Fire! At Least She Thought It Was!OOPS! That was the wrong car!
See The Video, Woman Gets Run Over By Her Own Car!Ouch, the car ended up rolling over both of her legs. Humans do not make good speed bumps!
Kris Jenner's New Rolls Royce Delivered In It's Very Own Glass Case!Her vehicle was destroyed, but luckily she was able to scrap up a few bucks for a brand new Rolls Royce.
Watch These Guys Create A Human Chain To Save This Woman's Life!This was a scary scene in Maryland over the weekend! These guys stepped in and saved this woman's life!
2-Year-Old Boy's Hot Car Death Under Investigation by Dallas PoliceDallas police said Tuesday, they are still investigating the death of Boi Lei Sang, 2, who was left in a hot car as his family attended church this past weekend.
Cowboys Running Back Alfred Morris Drives a 1991 Mazda He Bought for $2Some of us are nostalgic for our cars long gone. Some of us just keep ‘em. "It's always going to be my baby and I'm going to drive it till she dies," Alfred Morris told Five Points Blue. With his new contract, Morris will have earned an estimated $6.7 million in NFL salary by 2017, yet he drives a ’91 Mazda 626. And apparently washes it himself.
Texas Firefighters Celebrate 4th Of July By Delivering Baby Out Of CarOn their way to the hospital to welcome their second child to this world, Jeff and Lacey Smith had to pull over along Highway 144 South.
North Texas Women Arrested After Leaving Child Locked In CarTwo women were arrested outside of a Wal-Mart in Louisiana after it was discovered they left a 2-year-old boy inside their vehicle as they went shopping.

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