Justin Bieber Pays Grieving Strangers' Bar TabThe Bieb's kindness is pretty heartwarming!
California Councilwoman Suggests Dallas Police Got What They Deserve
VIDEO: Guy Tries To Abduct Little Girl Just Inside Of Store DoorThis is so scary! Be sure to keep a good eye on your kiddos!
The Plague Has Been Found At Lake TahoeThe plague is an infectious bacterial disease spread by squirrels, chipmunks and other wild rodents with fleas.
VIDEO: Bradley Cooper Takes Lady Gaga For A Ride On His MotorcycleThis happened last night Santa Monica.
UFO Spotted Over Southern CaliforniaIf there is life on other planets, where would they land if they came to visit Earth?
Katy Perry Wins A Fight Against Two Nuns!
Californians Moving To Texas Hits Highest Level
Justin Bieber Shares Throwback Photo featuring Selena GomezHe clearly has feeling for the girl
10-Year-Old California Girl Dies A Hero Saving 2 Toddlers From Runaway VehicleWhat a heartbreaking story in southern California – the community of Lakeside near San Diego. Kiera Larsen, age 10, is said to have ‘instinctively pushed two baby girls out of the way of a car.’
This Woman Claims She Found An Alien In Her Backyard In California
VIDEO: LIVE Interview Interrupted By A Blue Whale!This Blue Whale is going to blow your mind!

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